Yes, I’m still here.

Hi All. Wow, it’s August already. I figured that I’d take a moment to say hi and just check in. This year has been crazy so far to say the least. I hope that you are having a great year getting in a lot of family time and saddle time.

I’m still really bad at any form of social media and keeping this website up to date. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. If you don’t see me here or on any of my other social media platforms it’s probably because I’m busy working, spending time with my family, or riding.

The repair work and custom builds have been steady this year and my Mavic side hustle definitely keeps me on my toes. I appreciate any and all business that I get from both. Let’s remember what’s important. Until next time...


About Me:

About Me:

Born and bred in and around Cleveland Ohio, I got involved in cycling shortly after high school on a "motified" Huffy Santa Fe.  After installing a rear rack, toe clips, and such to it, I started riding the hills of Northeast Ohio.  Sometimes with weights in the panniers just to add to the fun.

My first real bike was a Trek 1000.  I rode the crap out of that bike.  I ended up riding it cross country in the summer of 1987.  After 31 days of 100+ miles per day, I entered a 25 mile pancake-flat criterium and was dropped like a bad habit and pulled from the race.  I think that it was at that point I realized that I wasn't built for speed.